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Let's play indoor & outdoors pool with all one's might!

Summer limitation! Let's enjoy by outdoor pool!
After having left load-support, we begin pool in "terumeterume",
The bathing method that mandaikogensen and the valuable source are traditional with "hot water of innards"
Let's enjoy Kusatsu Onsen by "short time bath in hot-spring experience" "hot water steaming".

▶We see terumeterume in detail

03.After having played, we take a short break in room

Between to dinner, we take a short break leisurely in room


▶We look at room in detail

Buffet which is served unlimitedly as for the dinner

Buffet which is served unlimitedly of 50 kinds of Japanese, Western, Chinese that took in fresh vegetables


▶We see buffet served unlimitedly in detail

Let's stroll in 05 Kusatsu hot-spring resorts

Let's stroll in Kusatsu hot-spring resort

Tourist attraction "hot water field" of Kusatsu Onsen lighted up
Please enjoy beautiful fantastic scene which steam and gentle light weave.

Kusatsu hot-spring resort

▶Timetable is this


Hot spring dehokkori

We heal one-day fatigue and revive Gokan.

Hot spring

▶We see hot spring in detail

Morning walk

Morning forest bathing walk

It is event that is popular at our hotel where more than 10000 customers participate in a year.
We show around forest bathing course that is full of nature opening around hotel. Please enjoy seasonal nature.

Morning walk

▶We see morning walk in detail

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet

We offer by Vikings tile of approximately 30 kinds of Japanese and Western meals.
One cup of breakfast to have after popular event "morning forest bathing walk" of our hotel will be that it is for wonderful memory of trip.

Breakfast buffet

▶We see breakfast buffet in detail

Forest stage

Forest stage

Approximately 640m in total length, more than highest score 10m. While enjoying 42 attractions in total,
It is aerial trekking of forest which crosses trees of forest, and flies in the sky at zip line of up to 100m grade.
Advance reservations are possible only in hotel guest. Conduct day: From Friday, July 27 to Wednesday, August 29

Forest stage

▶We look at Forest stage in detail

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