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About senior discount

; visitor 65 years or older is 10%OFF

About senior discount

Senior discount; 10% discount visitor 65 years or older from indication rate only for accommodation plan that Hotel Village provides directly more. (there is plan of some exclusion, too. On reservation, please fill in column of senior with the number of people directly from homepage.)

We have you offer

Other than driver's license, health insurance card, pension pocket notebook, please show thing which can prove that we are older than 65 years old including thing that age, the date of birth are printed with article which private enterprises issue at the time of check-in.
In addition, we only confirm column in us on the date of birth and do not do copying.
In the case of trip, health insurance card is the recommended in consideration of case that included poor physical condition.

Procedure when we receive discount

  1. In the case of telephone, in the case of reservation application, tell with "use of senior discount".
  2. In the case of website, please add to communication column with "use of senior discount".
  3. We do age confirmation at the time of check-in at the front desk.


What kind of plan becomes inapplicable?

As a general rule, we are not applied other than the accommodation plan offering in website (homepage) that Nakazawa Village runs and various brochures issuing. As this service is not received in the case of application from various plan trips hosted by agent (travel agencies) and other introduction sites, please be careful.

Even if it is accommodation plan that Nakazawa Village provides directly, there is inapplicable thing in a part.

Can you use together with other discount?

When we can use together with other discount, we specify with page of the plan or brochure, but we use discount of each plan rate together other than it and cannot receive.

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