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Let's enjoy heart with healing, body.

Aromatherapy spa komorebi of forest

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Aromatherapy is "aromatherapy" utilized flavor, ingredient of plant and tree.
By effect, effect of flavor, we do heart and physical trouble calmly and are nature cure that we are going to make use of for healthy increase and beauty. We fix breathing and we work on tiring heart and lead to deep relaxation.

  • Place
    Chateau building 1F
  • Business hours
    From 14:00 to 23:00 (last reception desk 22:00)
  • It is inquiry reservation

    In the case of telephone the effect of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy spa komorebi of forest

Aromatherapy salon spa komorebihe of forest is sunlight that light to shine pours into natural rich environment of Kusatsu, and the light is light to penetrate opening Japanese larch forest, and to put in courtyard more kindly, and mind and body have relaxation together.

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Opening campaign

201709 moon degree aroma campaign
komorebiosusume course

※At surgical operation time, counseling is included.
※We make reservation of the day, but recommend prior application to take time and course you like.
※Because treatment may have an influence on body, pregnant person declines.
※One, drinking person, poor physical condition discolored excessively, please write down treatment.
※On the use of minor visitor, agreement of protector may be necessary.

Flow of service

Step1 reservation
  • Over telephone, we make advance reservations.
    As we may not meet requirements on time or Saturdays, Sundays and holidays when reservation centers,
    We recommend reservation early.
    Reservation of the day is welcome, too. Come by all means with your friends.
Step2 reception desk, counseling
  • Therapist has visit. Please order the name of reservation.
    As aromatherapy is "natural aromatherapy", we counsel before surgical operation.
    At first we have you fill in item necessary for consultation sheet and grasp state of body.
Choice of Step3 aroma oil
  • Based on contents which we counseled, we suggest aroma oil which can improve trouble of visitor. As each oil has each characteristic, we perform those explanation. As we offer original oil which blended plural aroma oil in our salon, correspondence is possible in various hope. In addition, we recommend that we have you choose favorite flavor as well as effect in maximum being aimed for relaxation through aromatherapy.
Step4 aromatherapy course surgical operation
  • Please change into gown from clothes and shoes. As you prepare for male business, you can receive aromatherapy to visitor of man casually. In course that had you choose, please spend a time of healing. About position of power of massage and body, we may call out than therapist during care. If there is anything, please hang voice to feel free to contact. You ease body, and please relax relaxedly while enjoying flavor of aroma.
Step5 teatime
  • After care, we enjoy lingering sound of healing in herb tea. We can enhance effect of care, too. Many visitors give favorable reception to blend herb tea of komorebi pride. In delicious herb tea, heart will be relaxed more, too.
Step6 aftercare
  • We advise everyday care methods to care during surgical operation than charge therapist more carefully about point with mind. We may detect fatigue of health not to usually notice. Please give me reference by all means to be able to keep healthier state triggered by aromatherapy. In addition, about aromatherapy, please feel free to consult if there are some questions.

※Oil to use in treatment (surgical operation, touching) uses blend oil of domestic brand of 100% of active ingredient essential oil (essential oil) nature which we extracted from plant and tree.
※Photograph is imaged.

Q&A about treatment

  • About pregnant treatment
  • We do not recommend basically in our salon.
    Aroma oil to use for skin directly infiltrates from skin blood. Only it can expect influence, effect, too. We use blend oil of domestic brand of 100% plant raw materials, but are not correspondence as business of pregnant woman. In addition, we may influence fetus.
    During the pregnancy, it is time when both heart and body are sensitive. Our salon offers course of skin to pay scrupulous attention. Oil uses jojoba (oil which there is not flavor, but has high humidity retention characteristics). In addition, we offer Chinese medicine-based product.
    Treatment in resort is not normal environment. For relief, security, we show around course of range where we touch while usually caring for by yourself. ※Body, please enjoy flavor that is NG with sweet smell.
  • About treatment which we receive and are nursing.
  • We can show around all courses.
    But we use jojoba oil (oil for baby without influence). Please enjoy flavor with sweet smell.
    You have you wipe oil well, and, after surgical operation, please return.
  • About treatment during menstruation.
  • There is not problem. Of the person if is well-conditioned, is all right.
    ※But we pass, and blood may increase.
  • May even man receive?
  • Even man can accept.
    We use a lot of PCs every day and, to see letter, are decreased eyesight….
    Stiff shoulder to come from eyestrain, neurologic fatigue, head course on including chronic stiff shoulder are recommended.
    ※Some differences are in surgical operation part of man and woman. In the case of man, the buttocks, femor treatment do not go.
  • About bathing
  • Case after hot spring…
    Effect of aroma treatment increases in synergism, too.
    Hot spring after treatment…
    We wait for some penetration of oil and recommend that we have you take a bath after leaving time.
  • About clothes
  • We come over in house coat of equipping. In the case of body, please obtain whether it is sho to disposable exclusive underwear in salon.
    In the case of body, please take off jacket.
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