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Aromatherapy spa komorebi of forest

Aromatherapy spa komorebi of forest

Aromatherapy spa "komorebi" of forest

Aromatherapy is nature cure utilized flavor ingredient which we extracted from plant or tree. Using essential oil, we do trouble of body by effect of flavor calmly and work on heart and lead to deep relaxation.

Aromatherapy spa "komorebi" was named by gentle sunlight (sunshine filtering through foliage) to penetrate Japanese larch which opened in hotel courtyard. In natural rich environmental tokomorebino of Kusatsu, please spend a time of healing of plateau.

  • Business hours
  • From 14:00 to 23:00 (last reception desk 22:00)
  • Contents
  • Chateau building 1F
  • Contact
  • TEL: 0279-88-3232
    ※In the case of telephone, tell about the effect of aromatherapy.

List of charges (an example)

Course Rate
Special 180 minutes 32,400 yen
Full body 150 minutes 27,000 yen
Body care 60 minutes 10,800 yen
Course Rate
Body care 90 minutes 16,200 yen
Facial 60 minutes 10,800 yen
Facial 90 minutes 16,200 yen


Rest campaign of heart

Period From Sunday, April 01, 2018 to Saturday, June 30, 2018

Rest> of <heart 75 minutes 16,200 yen 90 minutes 18,000 yen

●I hand mini-size of oil which I used for souvenir.
Please use for your relaxation thyme after it was back.

●Please choose flavor to use for treatment from four flavor.

●As surgical operation point does not select, it is counseling with charge therapist We will decide.
※Oil of souvenir becomes only oil for body. Thank you for your understanding beforehand

Counseling time is not included in this campaign menu, It is time only for treatment.
As you control separately at time of counseling, you can enjoy slowly.
※It is time when counseling is included in basic menu for our salon.
You think that it is short time, but please talk with oneself in what you felt with your Gokan carefully.

Advance reservations discount 20% OFF

Menu, list of charges

As for menu, the list of charges, please see this.

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