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Question about terumeterume

The whole

How many rate courses are there?

Pool hot spring course and hot spring, sauna that warm water pool zone and hot spring, sauna zone are usable prepare two kinds of usable hot spring course.

Is child who does not get diaper available?

Yes, toward the infant, there is pool for safe infant.
Pool zone is available, too, but please be careful about safety enough. In addition, please wear diaper for swimming in infants swimsuit. Please understand as safely sanitary correspondence. We cannot use only child who is lower than primary schoolchild. We would like one and companion of protector by all means.

We eat, and is butsujikomi made?

Carry-on of food is possible to wellness cafe in terume.
You can bring soft drinks into pool zone. In addition, alcohol has you decline.

Does the hall need cash?

Cash is necessary, but restaurant, poolside rental, Thai style massage add rate to locker key number and can settle vending machine, massager last at the front desk. Valuables, please can have furontohe.

Is there parking lot?

There is free parking lot. (approximately 60)

Is there pick-up bus in the town block?

You can use bus for Hotel Village from bus terminal.

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Pool, hot spring

How should we go to hot spring zone from pool zone?

As for the man, woman can move passage from locker room locker from pool zone.

  1. We can move only with towel as swimsuit.
  2. There is hot spring bathhouse when we go on from the first-floor sauna on floor.
  3. Sauna, hot spring are in dressing room each. He/she takes off swimsuit and becomes bathing.
  4. Please use hall everyday clothes (you prepare in hot spring bathhouse) on locker room rokkahe return. We offer hall everyday clothes in dressing room.

Is swimming cap necessary at the time of use of Bour?

Please wear in hygiene on use of pool by all means.
In addition, we prepare in free of charge.

Is there rental of swimsuit?

There is. It is for men: It is for 540 yen, women: We can rent for 860 yen. When we arrive for children, there is not rental. You can buy in shop in terumeterumerobi.
In addition, floating * (the small: 300 yen very much: 500 yen), kickboard (100 yen) have rental.

Is carry-on of float good?

Yes, take. (please refrain from things more than 120 centimeters.)
In addition, beach ball boat, water gun, thing which large life belt (killer whale types) other visitors come to trouble, please refrain from use.

Is there water slider?

Water slider became the business end in the autumn of 2009.

Is towel charged?

There is no equipment of towel in hall.
When you stay, you have from room or the use shatters rental (pay: one set of 150 yen) and is.

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