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About check-in

Check-in check-out?

As for the check-in, check-out is 12:00 at 15:00.

Is check-in before 15:00 possible?

We lead to room as soon as cleaning is over. (in principle from 15:00.)

Will you keep baggage even after check-out before check-in?

I take in hotel cloakroom.

Will you keep baggage which you sent by delivery to home?

I take at the front desk. When you send, please fill in accommodation representative name, staying facilities (hotel, chateau, log, villa II) accommodation date. In addition, confirmation smoothens on the day when we will bring "visitor reserve".

〒377-1793 618, Kusatsu, Kusatsu-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma ○ moon ○ day accommodation ○○ state
Accommodation hotel Village kuapaku club chateau log cottage (please fill either in.) of the day

Till when is time for check-in all right?

Come by dinner start time of the day. When you become late, please contact.

We arrive early, and are pool and sports facility available?

Procedure of check-in is possible than 7:00 a.m. We hand various privilege tickets on this occasion.
Postponement has baggage on cloakroom, and please spend time slowly afterwards.
In addition, we can send baggage of visitor to room beforehand. Please order.

I go to hot-spring resort including hot water field, what should I do?

There is pick-up bus, too, but can go to hot water field, hot-spring resort on foot slowly in approximately 15 minutes.
We offer hot-spring resort walk map and various discount coupon at the front desk. In addition, on rainy day, there is rental of umbrella, too.
(way is small, too, and around hot water field is complicated. You should have you refrain from the use of car to hot-spring resort.)

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About traffic, parking lot

Is there parking lot at hotel?

There is parking lot at hotel. (free: 150)

Traffic condition of the winter season?

Hot spring goes along bottom of road, and road in Kusatsu-machi is devised not to freeze up, but winter preparations are required.
For snow-covered road, you prepare for tire chain and sutattoresutaiya, and come.
Particularly, about tire chain, it is smooth once before coming over when we practice wearing when, actually, we attach.
In addition, diesel engine car, please use fuel for cold districts. We freeze up, and engine may not start.

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About accommodation

Till when is reservation possible?

If room is vacant, it is possible even on the day. In the case of reservation, we would like telephone directly on the day.

What time is telephone of reservation until?

It is until from 9:00 to 21:00.

Till when are you all right for reduction of the stuff of the number of people?

You accept at any time, but please inform of number of people changes by the day before.
(but accommodation unit price may change when the increase and decrease occurs in the number of people to enter one room.)

How much is cancellation fee?

Three days ago of reservation day: 20%, two days ago: 20%, the day before: In 50%, 100% (is % for the hotel charges) on that day, more than 15 people in the case of reservation
As you are different from the above, please refer.
As for the details, please see this.

Is room without meals possible?

Condominium villa II becomes room of room without meals type.
For more information:

Is there non-smoking room?

Smoking was prohibited in tower building, wing building, chateau building all rooms from April 1, 2017.

What does attached thing of room have?

Equipment: There are face towel, bath towel, yukata, haori. Amenity: There are toothbrush, tooth powder, comb, shampoo.
Specifically, please see guest room guidance.

The preparation of people of baby people?

Rental of room: Dust box for Western style training chair, paper diaper
Hot spring large communal bath: For baby bath, child put; of chair there is offering.

Size of yukata? Is there yukata of child?

Yukata of adult offers the small, average, large king size.
Of yukata and slippers for child there is offering. In the case of check-in, please order size at the front desk.
There is yukata 100cm .110cm .120cm for child. (number includes limit.)

Can we stay with pet?

We cannot bring into hotel hall. (Accomodation clause Article 19
But, based on the person with a physical disability assistance dog method, person with a physical disability assistance dog is not the limit.
(we introduce pet hotel in Kusatsu-machi.)

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About meal

Is choice of meal the day?

We recommend that we have you choose designation of course dish at the time of reservation. Case at the time of check-in on that day,
You want and may not attach.
Course dish designation heard even telephone. (TEL: 0279-88-3232)

What time is dinner from?

Meal of course dish can be chosen at 17:30 which of ... and 19:30 ... it is.
We recommend advance reservations on the day as seat may be full.
Choice bino becomes order in smorgasbord in the last at 20:30 from 17:30, and reservation is unnecessary.

You have an allergy to food, will you hear request?

About meal (except buffet), we can provide by menu corresponding to - identification raw materials seven items - depending on request partly. On the use, we hope that we have you ask beforehand. In addition, menu change may be difficult and may not attach to request of visitor by relations such as ingredients to provide and restaurant. We hope that we have understanding.

Is there lunch meeting place?

It is open in "garden cafe patio" for from 12:00 to 14:00.
In addition, in terumeterume "wellness cafe," only as for the summer period, it is open with curry buffet.
(we do business on Saturday until 18:00 for from 11:30 to 15:00)

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About pickup and drop-off

Are there pickup and drop-off from Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi Station?

I'm very sorry. There are not pickup and drop-off from Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi Station.
From Naganohara Kusatsu Exit, we must transfer to JR bus. Come to terminal, Kusatsu Bus Terminal.
There are free pick-up buses from Kusatsu Bus Terminal to hotel.

Heard that there was bus to Karuizawa, but ...

There is route bus of Kusatsu Bus Terminal ⇔ Karuizawa Station.

Are there pickup and drop-off to hot water field?

It travels to night light up at night to hot water field.

Does pick-up bus leave in town?

Free pickup and drop-off to Kusatsu Bus Terminal go out of hotel.
As for the timetable, please see this.

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About hotel going straight bus

Where does hotel going straight bus leave from?

It became going straight bus from Shinjuku from April 1, 2017.
(all seat reserved seats. Know a lot reservation required); from this.

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About other facilities

Is there the Internet?

Around lobby lounge supports in wireless LAN. (room supports in guest room of tower building)

Is there convenience store near?

Convenience store has Seven-Eleven by Save On (from 6:00 to 23:00) car in place of approximately five minutes in the front of terumeterume.

Can you purchase resort passport in one piece of article?

We do not perform one piece of article sale of resort passport. Apply by plan with resort passport.

Is day trip bath possible?

You can use hot spring large communal bath (the hot water field source) of hotel. Day trip bath is 800 yen of adult, dwarf (3 years old - 12 years old) 500 yen.
(at cleaning time, it is 13:00 from 11:00.)

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About check-out

Is credit card available?

The following cards are available.

Can you extend check-out time?

It depends on the accommodation situation of the day, but is possible.

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