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Family Plan

Family plan

In Hotel Village
The first trip to Onsen, play debut, experience that has never met.

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Baby first hot spring trip

The first hot spring trip

Trip to Onsen of baby and mom

Though we want to go for trip to Onsen, there is much baggage if with baby and helps burden and uneasiness of mom daddy very little, to lighten. We offer pot for air cleaner and milk in room.
In large communal bath of baby shampoo and baby chair is ready. Bath of room is jacuzzi type. Baby and mom daddy called "... anxious about sending baby to hot spring" can relax in room. In addition, in hall of hotel, nursing room and kids' room are fully equipped, too. We support trip to Onsen of baby and mom.



We play in Village and make our debut!

Do you not make many memories in nature and hot spring, much amusement facilities?
Information for room is from 15:00, but can finish procedure of check-in first.
After procedure, let's go out promptly! We play in amusement facility and, on shuttle bus, take a walk through hot-spring resort of Kusatsu, and walk of "forest bathing course" around hotel is recommended, too.
"Resort passport which is popular in Village free playing" is free to play during warm water pool and bowling, stay including table tennis! It is ticket which is usable until 16:00 on check-out day.

It is the first experience in kids Village

It is the first experience in Village

Kusatsu Forest stage♪

Skywalk of forest experiencing attraction that popular amusement facility "Kusatsu Forest stage" which opened in July, 2010 attaches safe appliance harness, and was made on the tree. We do nature by bodily sensation in glance of small bird. We can choose among fairy stage (beginner) and master stage (senior). We challenge in whole family!

The first pool & play with snow

Warm water pool "terumeterume" is popular amusement in family. Even if it rains on day of trip, we can play in peace because it is indoor pool. Outdoor pool opens for a limited time in the summer, too. We can enjoy ski and play with snow, sled in winter.

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