Theme of "family photograph which pleasure is transmitted" through or "photograph of child" raised.
We announce result of examination named careful selection by result of the first Nakazawa virejjifotokontensuto.
Thank you for much application. ※Application period .2012 years from Friday, June 1 to September 30

※You can look at in big photograph when you click winning photograph.

The highest award
Work name Vacation of all
Photographer 8 string ukuleles
Photography place Pool of terumeterume
Work explanation We looked forward to all.
Nakazawa Village photo contest executive committee comment

As for this, it is way of enjoying Village! It was good, and there was very much support from the hotel staff, and support from visitor should have been the perfect highest award, though.
We wait for photograph of wonderful family at the time of photocontest holding again by all means.

Awarding Excellent prize Excellent prize Excellent prize
Work name First golf experience! It is gaburi peacefully! kyadei of the seventh hall
Photography place Putter golf course Maze, archery neighborhood The short course seventh hall green depths
Photographer ・
Work explanation
Jun Chan

3-year-old daughter played putter golf for the first time. Did you get in a cup after this?

It is the contest in sisters with corn which there became little which we bought at entrance of hotel! Can a lot of which eat? Eat peacefully☆
Fumi my father

On July 14, 2012, we stay at log pet arrow. While pug dog (pu - kaikun) of member of my home strolls in forest bathing course at 6:00 a.m., it is one piece taking a break in the seventh hall green depths of short course last.


Face of child who looked proud-looking having club for adult was pretty photograph.
It became winning decisive factor that green beauty of the circumference entered
We have it is pretty and eat so with great relish and thank for featured one "fried corn" of summer vacation. Figure which bit one corn and atmosphere in forest of Village were good and should have won a prize in sisters Anyway, it was work which was high in popularity. Majestic figure laughs with boastfulness carelessly with "pu" at golf course. From the hotel staff, we are pretty ♪ to voice broke out


Awarding Winning a prize Winning a prize Winning a prize
Work name Challenge to fallen tree bridge Nice shot? One step cannot change, too!
Photography place Fallen tree bridge of Tanizawa of forest of berutsu Golf course in Nakazawa Village site Kusatsu Forest stage
Photographer ・
Work explanation
Father of magokoshu

We cross fallen tree bridge of Tanizawa. to is determined my child


In golf course, short course in Nakazawa Village site ♪ Did you do without ball how many?
Love rare san  

The first Forest stage! We start and make the third step and return! Go down! Help! no running fire! It is one piece while we cry with "... which already returns".


We put on hat, and style called scarf and boots which are chilly to neck is cute work.
Shot best figure which set up site and club of Village!
Such a photograph does not readily come out. Precious memory should not be day of fear….

Awarding Winning a prize Winning a prize  
Work name We are with mother It is ... in thought of Village  
Photography place In room where we stayed at Village courtyard  
Photographer ・
Work explanation

When the eldest son was born, we purchase camera newly and are one piece of the inside that took photograph of child. Memory includes that it was hot day. Child had already got married and applied as it was that even ... this time when we longed for ... 36 years ago, old photograph were possible.

Of time when children (three) were taken care of in winter every year (for 35-36 years) summer from elementary school days…We called recently in last summer. As for children, the top is already 48 years old .45 years old .42 years old.


It is work of "member of a selection committee special prize". We should have won a prize we had you post photograph 36 years ago.

It is work of "member of a selection committee special prize".
We had you post photograph 36 years ago. Person whom we missed in employee went down and should have won a prize because it was impressive.

Thank you for much application.