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Nature and hot spring of 1,200m above sea level restore your five senses, and they provide ease to heart and body.

1,200 meters above sea level. Kusatsu Onsen proud of quantity of best natural gush in Japan among seasonal rich nature.
"Meal and various amusement that we hotel Village made use of power of material to the maximum,
Gokan of people who move forward, and enter including original forest bathing having a long history revives and is heart, but is ease
We will try to become sanctuary of overflowing customer.

Illustration: Resort hotel where very large site spreads through
Illustration: Resort hotel where very large site spreads through

You can look at indoor view


Introduction of each facility

Basic information

Hotel Village

It is studio, kids' room of karaoke room, forest 162 guest rooms, sum banquet room (20 to 200 persons), yoenkaijo (20 to 150 persons), 160 parking lots, meeting room (20 to 300 persons), marriage ceremonial hall, hot spring large communal bath, open-air bath (doze *yu, pleasure of home life *yu), lobby lounge, stand, karaoke bar "poppy"

Restaurant cafe

Main dining "rose mallow" garden cafe "patio" "terumeterumepurusaidoerunesukafe" (do business only in the summer)


The Thailand ancient rite massage "Sioux rear" heals relaxation (hot spring building, warm water pool) aromatherapy "komorebi" of skiing area (one chair lift), Kusatsu Forest stage, forest of maze, table tennis, billiards bowling, forest of iron golf (7H), putter golf (9H), Forest golf (6H), tennis court (hardware), cycling archery, forest hot spring Dome "terumeterume"; place "relief" Orient type manipulative treatment "village of healing"

kuapaku club

96 guest room chateau, 39 log houses


Guest room villa II 16

The location

618, Kusatsu, Kusatsu-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma telephone 0279-88-3232 (main)

Illustration: Resort hotel where very large site spreads through
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