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Information for group, package tour

Banquet plan spa resort convention of Nakazawa Village

Plan of Nakazawa Village for group, groups

Banquet room, seminar room amusement facility going straight bus which can support various requests in Nakazawa Village
At three sources of services first in natural guides and excellent hot water Kusatsu,
From group trip like ten people to body corporate, educational travel state more than 200 people,
We do suggestion along request of all of you.

It is coped with package tour more than 200 people by few people!

Going straight bus & group pack plan

Friend, off-line meeting, class reunion of hobby, synchronization society ・ of the workplace
Workplace trip every section, person in charge, mom circle etc
Plan that is good to group trip of the small, middle scale

For more information:

Meeting seminar plan

Game of go ・ such as general meeting, Go of meeting seminar, job area group
To group of comparative a great number of people including various workshops
It is the most suitable plan.

For more information:

Seminar, meeting, banquet, meeting place corresponding to various uses

  • Asama - asama -

    It is Japanese style size banquet room (up to division into six) that can contain up to 200 people. We change to carpet and, in the case of seminar, can convert into department meeting place.

  • Green leaves - aoba -

    It is multipurpose room which we can convert into both Western-style banquet room (we allow buffet) of up to 200 people and seminar room.

  • There are other various types of private room meeting places.

    Japanese-style dinner meeting meeting place of the 10-20 people accommodation
    Prince room
    Seminar room of the up to 30 people accommodation

If there are other such requests, please talk over telephone to feel free to contact.

If there are other such requests, you feel free to contact and call or are email, and please refer. ※Our sales representative asks meeting as needed.
"We want to experience something together!" ● Kusatsu Forest stage, hot water fir tree experience, natural walk ● Hiking snow shoes trekking ● Walk rally campfire etc ● Society, camp workshop, marriage and anniversary party, Buddhist memorial service ● "We want to do education, learning in trip!" package tour / which is higher than 30 people including arrangement of reserved bus ● Ski snowboarding training ● Natural experience, snow shoes trekking ● Orientation leaders camping ● One-day excursion, seminar / circle camp ● Arrangement of golf / ground / gymnasium / music hall

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