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Resort passport free playing Village
It is item for exclusive use of hotel guest to enjoy with all one's might.

rizodopasu free playing

It is to (※ 1) free playing during stay warm water pool and golf, table tennis, bowling, ski lift of private slope as for resort passport free playing. Resort passport free playing is recommended if we enjoy Village by family and group trip entirely.

※There is-use restrictions at the time of congestion of medium grade in 1 weekend and season.

Fee structure
Hotel guest Please stay in accommodation plan with passport. There is not one piece of article sale.
Visitor Article not for sale
Member of club
1,340 yen (and we show outside: road member's card targeted for terume free)
Resort passport plan free playing from this

Information for resort passport free playing

  Use facility Reservation Rental We set a limit to the use Business start The business end The last receptionist Reception desk place
Indoor facility Bour & hot spring building "terumeterume" Weekday     11:00 20:00 19:30 terumeterumekaunta
  Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, *nichi       10:00 20:00 19:30
Bowling alley 4 lane 1 game 8:30 22:00 21:30 Bowling alley
Billiards   50 minutes 8:30 22:00 21:00
Table tennis   50 minutes 9:00 22:00 21:00 Front desk at the hotel
Outdoor facility
From April to November
Tennis court (three hard court)   One one hour 9:00 17:00 16:00 Bowling alley
※Forest golf 6H is front desk at the hotel
Putter golf 9H     1R 8:30 17:00 16:00
Iron golf 7H   1R 8:30 17:00 16:00
Forest golf 6H     1R 9:00 17:00 16:00
Maze of forest       9:00 17:00 16:30 Maze reception desk of forest
※About customer who is lower than primary schoolchild, companion of protector becomes required.
Archery     Ten arrows 9:00 17:00 16:30
We have cramped and overcharge (with pole, bait)       9:00 17:00 16:00
Cycling 26 inches 1 jinjo     Two hours 9:00 17:00 17:00 Front desk at the hotel
Facility outdoor in the winter season Skiing area lift of forest       9:00 16:00   Rental ski reception desk
Rental sled       8:00 17:00  
Rental snow shoes       8:00 17:00  
Walk society Hot-spring resort walk of the morning     10:00 11:30   Front desk at the hotel
Natural guide of the afternoon     14:00 15:30  

●Advance reservations possibility facility

Billiards Advance reservations until 50 minutes are possible once from the staying day before.
Tennis Advance reservations until one one hour are possible after the staying decision per night.
Table tennis Advance reservations until 50 minutes are possible once from the staying day before.
Walk society Prior application is necessary by departure on the day.

○Paid rental article guidance

terumeterume One set of towel set (face towel bath towel) 150 yen
Bowling Shoes 250 yen
Tennis court Racket 250 yen, ball one 50 yen (rigid)
Iron golf Club 200 yen, ball one 100 yen (purchase)

※It does not cost rental charges for other facilities.

  • ※Resort passport free playing is available after the procedure of check-in more until 16:00 of the next day.
  • ※Depending on the congestion situation, we may bring one use time and limit of the use number of times, time for last acceptance forward.
  • ※By weather and the snow situation, we change business hours of facility and may close.
  • ※The use of child would like protector companion.

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