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[day holding] Morning forest bathing walk

Morning forest bathing walk

It is event that is popular at our hotel where more than 10000 customers participate in a year. We show around forest bathing course that is full of nature opening around hotel. Please enjoy seasonal nature. We may come across Japanese antelope of natural monument during walk in particular if lucky.

Time It becomes walk of starting about from 60 minutes to 80 minutes at 7:00 a.m.
Rate Free (we take a ceremonial photograph with all the participants on the way and sell)

We publish shooting and impression by guide in this site "Village diary" and Facebook page.

[day holding] Hot-spring resort walk of the morning

Hot-spring resort walk of the morning

Expert guide knowing Kusatsu-machi guides. Kusatsu that does not notice may be over there by everyday sightseeing such as the history and culture, hot spring of Kusatsu. We gather at front desk at the hotel and move by pick-up bus to Kusatsu Bus Terminal.

Time It becomes walk on foot for - from 60 minutes to 80 minutes at 10:00.
Rate 500 yen

To Kusatsu Bus Terminal Station, we move by bus. To hotel, it is walk by foot.

[day holding] Natural guide of the afternoon

Natural guide of the afternoon

Guide shows around nature of Kusatsu spreading through 1,200 meters above sea level. We comment on alpine plant and wild bird.

Time 14:00 - approximately 90 minutes
Rate 500 yen

[summer freedom study!] Hotel Village X neutralization factory collaboration tour

Morning forest bathing walk

Summer vacation limitation! We know secret of Kusatsu Onsen, and homework is completed!
"Specialist Takayama of nature" and collaboration tour with neutralization factory performing quality of the water improvement of acid river that we are proud of!

Let's move body in forest of 1,200m above sea level!
We observe neutralization factory managing the quality of the water of Kusatsu Onsen afterwards.
We come back to hotel and present Village original "free study set"♪
We play and learn, and free study is completed in this, too!
Collaboration tour that killing two birds with one stone, mom are glad♪

The date 8 a month
Time 10:30 set departure - 12:00 (arrival at hotel) approximately two hours
Rate The 1,500 yen (tax-included) adult child same amount (with free study kit)
The offer number of people 20 people the first in each time
Visit facility It is this in detail about neutralization factory

Customer of primary schoolchild needs companion of protector.
Only customer of primary schoolchild has study kit free to do this hotel original.
It becomes tour for children of primary schoolchild, but customer except primary schoolchild can participate, too.

[from today joining a group of adult] Table manners classroom of parent and child learning with French course lunch

Table manners

We hold table manners lesson for hotel Village chef, child by chef Takahiro Nakano ten years or older and families.
The restaurant staff of hotel acts as lecturer. Table manners to learn while experiencing happily becomes adult and surely is useful. We offer advantageous accommodation plan.

The date July 28 August 4, 11th, 13th
Venue Main dining room rose mallow
Time From 12:00 to 14:00
Rate The 3,500 yen (tax-included) adult child same amount
The number of people 40 people-limited

[5 families-limited] Original dim sum classroom to make with our chef master of home Hong Kong dim sum Simon and parent and child proud, and to taste


In experience-based classroom, we are actually apprenticed to master of Hong Kong dim sum in parent and child. We make original dim sum with parent and child while receiving lecture made with dim sum than master of home Hong Kong dim sum "chef Simon" which our hotel is proud of. "Only as for one in the world" that made with parent and child lunchtime when touch Chinese food lunch to dim sum, and is fun. We offer advantageous accommodation plan.

To dim sum "only as for one in the world" that we made with parent and child,
How about lunchtime that attaches Chinese lunch, and is happy?

The date July 29 August 5, 12th, 14th
The number of people 5 families-limited 30 people-limited
Time Dim sum classroom 11:00 - / lunch 12:30 ...
Lunch Fired rice with Chinese lunch + own work dim sum + Ankake + tapioca dessert
Privilege Cook hat, dim sum bamboo seawife, rolling pin present
Rate The 2,500 yen (tax-included) adult child same amount

[studio ☆ brains boss experience-based in summer vacation]

Brains boss

Experience-based event for child, families was held this year in Hotel Village!
Through manufacturing, you can experience while enjoying pleasure, importance of communication and collaboration of parent and child. Even person weak in work can enjoy.
How is work in parent and child this summer?

The date From Saturday, July 14 to Sunday, August 26 ※No fixed holiday
Business hours From 9:00 to 18:00
Rate 1,620- yen
Experience-based contents Handmade music box, handmade snow dome, oil painting-style coloring "happy canvas"

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