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Relief, nice staying of baby and mom

In Hotel Village, baby and mom support the first hot spring trip to stay in peace♪

Hot spring trip is room of Japanese-Western style room type with jacuzzi in baby and moms♪

Jacuzzi bus

"After all are you slightly anxious about sending baby to hot spring?"

"Mom wants to relax at night, too!" It is bath which can meet such a voice.

We take care of baby, and we play with child, and ... how to use is various.

Western-style room

In extensive room, please enjoy hot spring trip.

We support baby and mom with various goods.

Exclusive counter

Mom being serious at the time of procedure! We support procedure at exclusive counter so that such mom feels relieved.

Support goods of room

Drawer guard

Outlet cover

Corner guard

Electric appliance pot

DVD player

Air cleaner

Slide & bouncer

Microwave oven

Training chair

Supporting toilet seat


Trash box for diaper

Bedclothing of baby can be chosen from three types.

Baby Bet

Baby guard


We support baby and mom any place other than the room.


Diaper change for sheet

Outing stroller

Hot spring large communal bath

Under baby and monitor campaign conduct which is nice for mom!

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